Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Ascending Order of numbers to 150

The Giant Pumpkin

Honey makers

Captain Underpants

A class of children are sitting on the mat This is me in kindergarten says George And this is me Exclaims Harold. George and I aren't friends yet. bat we'er about to be the teacher begins writing on the board and says ''the Seventh planet from the'' sun is called''......Uranus George and Harold burst in to laughter. the teacher quickly turns to glare at the boys Turning back to the board she says. Scientists ..... George looks over to Harold Ur ..... Anus. laughs Harold quietly. I know .... continues George laughing at Harold. the teacher turns and coughs Hrmm Hrmm she continues speaking as she writes on the board. know as age giant..... hahahahahahaha hahahahahsaha laugh the boys hystericslly.

Monday, 3 August 2020

Scrambled sentence.

Out on the field we played Aussie Rules Fool ball.

While we played the weather was cold and my team won.

We learnt how to drop pnul the ball.

Our class played over the river and my team won.

Kiwisport is fun and I can,t wait for next week.